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53-07-Rant You!

20100708_rantyou2 Final Mix
20100708_rantyou2 Final Mix
20100708_rantyou-2-commercial mix
20100708_rantyou mix
Rant You! Podcast and Music
  • 0:00 Rant You! Final Mix v.2
  • 4:22 Rant You! Sub-Mix v.1
  • 6:36 Commercial music only :30 seconds
  • 7:16 Rant You! Soundtrack
  • 11:39 Serenity’s Podcast, Rant You! Orrin Hatch Drug Testing
  • 35:18 Rant You! Commercial :30 seconds

Serenity had an idea about a podcast where she can literally rant. But, she only did one show. This video is showcasing the music of and the podcast itself. Between 2009-2011, I started working on Metamorphosis album under callsign Paradigm. I used Propellerhead Reason 4 to create these songs. The songs are direct digital rendered to wav file, never leaving the computer mix process. Only one podcast was done.