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D.J. Smoooth

This is a collection of music that I made while attending Long Beach City College, California in the music department between 1993-1996. In this collection, there are two movies that I produced, The Flying Book and Westside N ‘Ja.

A few of the tracks featured rapper Too Sweeet (Dalonte Smith).

Listen to the music on the D.J. Smoooth music page.

D.J. Smoooth collection, music made between 1993 and 1997.

D.J. Smoooth era

Music made during this period.

Information about the D.J. Smoooth era
First CD
Aztec Documentary
Music with Too Sweeet featured.
All Music of D.J. Smoooth
YouTube Playlist of D.J. Smoooth

Movies made during this period.

The Flying Book - a short silent B/W film

Westside N 'Ja - a feature film