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The NEW “C LINE” from Santa Clarita to Santa Ana, we can only hope! – Antonio TwizShiz Edward

Antonio TwizShiz Edward

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The NEW “C LINE” from Santa Clarita to Santa Ana, we can only hope!

The New “C Line”, a dream line that makes sense.

Google Maps drawings:

Santa Clarita
Sylmar/San Fernando
Van Nuys
Sherman Oaks
Getty Museum
Buena Vista
Santa Ana
Future: John Warne Airport and Newport Beach

This is regarding the entire Vermont study. You will never hear me say this except for this one project, BRT is the best way. In my opinion of course.

If LRT is chosen, it should run street care north of Wilshire the entire time because of the Red Line underneath. It would be too costly to try to build under the Red Line. Second, it can stop at most heavy intersections providing service. Below, I want to bring up Santa Monica, but in the bit.

As a BRT, the above applies. It could then continue south of Wilshire, but I really hope you guys/gals/them consider this, please end the line at Harbor Gateway Transit Center for the first stage.

Now the Green Line K/C line extension, instead of ending at Torrance Transit Center, please continue the line south-east along the tracks until it crosses over Sepulveda, then go on top of Sepulveda going east, end it at Vermont.

The J Line does not stop here at Sepulveda. I know you will need to work with Caltrans and the County, but an extra stop for J Line at Sepulveda. By making the connection, at least with the Vermont BRT, it will give a full circle of ways to get around.

Back to Vermont BRT, it should go to the Harbor Gateway Transit Center. For the second stage, continue south on Vermont.

BUT here is the thing. You already go the J Line on the Harbor Fwy. Is the southern end of Vermont needed? If the Vermont BRT meets up with J Line at Harbor Gateway Transit Center, this should be good. You can add free ride to San Pedro (only southbound) if they were just on Vermont BRT (the Metro Card should contain that info).

For the Green Line, let’s keep all the current plans on the Right of Way. It would be cheaper. Look at Google Maps, please remove the bus ports north of Grant Ave and on Kingsdale, if it is not already removed.

The Redondo Beach Transit Hub (ROW) is the best option.

So, in conclusion, the Vermont BRT would be a great option, but to terminate at the Harbor Gateway Transit Center in the first stage. In the future, if a study comes out that further travels further south on Vermont is needed, then. But I believe that J Line will take care of this. Now, how about this? Have the Vermont BRT hop onto the route of J Line into San Pedro only during rush hours. I know this will require a ramp to be built and this may not happen.

I just produced this, and I did not want to re-do the above. There is no transit going to Terminal Island. So, let’s keep the ROW option of the J Line as is. The second stage, have the line continue the ROW that Metro owns and parts they do not and make it all the way to Terminal Island. The train bridge above the waters (Cerritos Channel) can be re-done from scratch to match the new bridge that crosses these waters. Have it stop in Long Beach side and in Los Angeles, San Pedro side. I’ve seen the plans of the line going to Long Beach proper in the far future. That is good as well, in fact, properly better.

Lastly: The north terminus of Vermont should be Santa Monica. Here is the reason, the line can go west on Santa Monica Blvd. Where the north K Line crosses, this is where this BRT can terminate. Or it can terminate at the Beverly Center. Santa Monica deserves its own Metro line. I would settle for a dedicated lane BRT on Santa Monica. The second stage of the Santa Monica branch can be the Purple Line in Century City.

One last thing, and this time for real: Please no MONORAIL. Ask Disneyland and Disney World how much it costs to maintain those things. In fact, ask Japan and Thailand with their shiny new monorail how much it costs to maintain. I do not know anything. Does rail cost more than monorail? To build? To maintain? If rail cost more to build, but less to maintain, I would go with rail. I am talking about the Sepulveda Line. I know light rail is not one of the options. But the system in Los Angeles is SO fragmented. Why not take the San Fernando/Van Nuys line and connect to it. From the Orange Line, it continues south on Van Nuys and stops at Ventura Blvd. Then it goes underground, follow the tunnel path of Alternate 6. From here, Bundy Ave, it goes underneath people’s home (they will complain, they will get over it), to Lincoln Ave. and then becomes the Green Line that will go to Norwalk. The K Line will continue south through Redondo Beach to Del Amo and beyond to Long Beach or Terminal Island. There you go, no stop transit providing a wide range of options for your riders.

The Green Line (C LINE) can be from San Fernando Valley, UCLA, LAX, I-105, Norwalk, and Anaheim.

The Pink Line (K LINE) can be from Beverly Center, Crenshaw, LAX, Redondo Beach, Torrance Transit Center, and then to either Terminal Island or Long Beach. If Long Beach, cruising in the middle of 7th St. may be an issue and not enough room. Anaheim might be better. It is less transit than PCH or 7th St. It can terminate in Seal Beach if OCTA is willing to pay for that, but stops at Cal State LB.

The Green Line is suffering, this may be something extra. About the Green Line (this would be a dream) and continue east underground. Stop at Pioneer. Hop onto Norwalk Metrolink and continue alongside Metrolink staying on Metrolink tracks and terminate at Anaheim. Disney and Knott’s can provide shuttles to these stops unless Disney is willing to pay for tunneling underneath Disneyland to provide a stop in Downtown Disney. I do not think they will do that, therefore, Anaheim Metrolink Station. I know the Orange County part will need to be paid for by OCTA. It will be in their best efforts. The Anaheim Resort people can build a trolley to provide access to hotels, attractions, and transit centers; especially with the future HSR.

Also see my dream “L Line”.