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Featuring music I made between 2003 and 2018. Some were produced in Phoenix AZ, San Marcos TX and Austin TX.

2018 is the end to Paradigm and onto something new, to be named.

See Paradigm Music for the music.

Paradigm collection, music made between 2003-2018.

Paradigm era

Information about Paradigm music era.
Pulchritude - Music made between 2003-2004.
Sentiment - Music made in 2007.
Enact - Music made between 2007-2008.
DJ - Music made between 2007-2009.
Metamorphosis - Music made between 2009-2010.
Ebullient - Music made between 2013-2017.
Shiz - Music made between 2011-2012.
Double Shot (pre) - for a future movie.
All Music of Paradigm
YouTube Playlist - of Paradigm
Amazon Music Streaming - of Paradigm

Music by Antonio TwizShiz Edward through the years.

The First Sequence

D.J. Smoooth


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