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Playing with DU Recorder to use with ShizMation Podcast | ShizMation 20190222

ShizMation 20190222 – Playing with DU Recorder to use with ShizMation Podcast – 20190222 160458

vlog 20120709: iWindows iShopping @MicrosoftStore #AppleStore with no rubber bands (show iimanrb)

Heah GOOGLE, where is your store? Come on, I would love to go to a Google Store. Show iimanrb: I was really impressed today when I went to the Apple Store. For about $2200, I can have an i7 8GB…

vlog 20120624: WallyWorld Camera Basket Ride with doggy walk (show wwcbrdw)

Show wwcbrdw: I know I had to get some cleaning supplies for the bathroom but damn, I did not feel like going. Finally, before it got dark, I went to WallyWorld (WalMart). Got Chinese food earlier and walked the dogs….

vlog 20120621: Surface Test Flying Pilot Pot Pie with birdie (show stfpppb)

TEST Pilot show. This is the first show of SHIZ, introducing the music of shiz, driving, homelessness flying signs, introduced myself, introducing SHIZ, talked about Microsoft Surface, and that is about it. It is the first! Videos mentioned:Drive to work:…

What gives? #GovernmentShutdown | AntonioEdward.ME Opinions 20190122

Antonio TwizShiz Edward
What gives? #GovernmentShutdown | AntonioEdward.ME Opinions 20190122

This article is now part of the AntonioEdward.ME Opinions Podcast.

My Disney Skyliner Dream | ShizScreenTime 20190202

The Disney Skyliner is opening sometime in Fall 2019. This podcast is about the current route and about the future route I would love to see for future expansion. Google Map Link full screen

The start to a smart home | ShizMation 20190113

Join me in my journey into the world of smart home technology utilizing technologies Amazon, Samsung, Singled, LIFX, etc. Start the journey with me.


Featuring music I made between 2003 and 2018. Some were produced in Phoenix AZ, San Marcos TX and Austin TX. 2018 is the end to Paradigm and onto something new, to be named. See Paradigm Music for the music.

Journey To Us Archives

Met on the Internet on September 01, 2000.Met in person for the first time on November 01, 2000.We married on March 20, 2001. Our Journey To Us video from 20001103 – 20010322 YouTube:Check out our YouTube Channel: journeytous.Our podcast video…

54-06-SARCE Music (5.1 Surround Sound)

SARCE Music wav file (5.1 Surround Sound)

Creating DCP (Digital Cinema Packages) with Vegas Pro and OpenDCP

Creating DCP (Digital Cinema Packages) with Vegas Pro and OpenDCP. This video is long because you saw MOST of the DCP creation in real time, except rendering. I have Magix Vegas Pro 14.0. You can use previous or latest versions…