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vlog 20120709: iWindows iShopping @MicrosoftStore #AppleStore with no rubber bands (show iimanrb)

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Heah GOOGLE, where is your store? Come on, I would love to go to a Google Store.

Show iimanrb: I was really impressed today when I went to the Apple Store. For about $2200, I can have an i7 8GB RAM iMac which would be awesome for video editing and Final Cut Pro is only $300. Right down the street, I went to the Microsoft Store and saw almost the same spec HP for $1400 and Sony Vegas Pro 8 (video editing software) is $600. The cost is the same, almost. So I have to say, I never did not like Apple, I just simply prefer PCs. Both stores does not allow me to video; I did ask their permission to be safe.

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