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08-S*U*P*E*R Trailer

S*U*P*E*R, the Student Union Programming, Entertainment and Recreation Committee of California State University, Los Angeles. I was a member of this committee from 1991-1992. On certain nights, we would show movies that were just shown in theaters for students. This…

10-Breakdown in L.A.

Patterned after the hit movie, Falling Down.

11-Get Ready (Kodak Cinema Digital Sound)

Even though this is an original creation, I did my best to recreate the opening video of Cinema Digital Sound. They did not last long and was proceeded a few years later by Dolby Digital and Sony Dynamic Digital Sound….

The First Sequence

This is my first. Made on a Roland MT-100 Digital Sequencer and Music Synthesizer. Most of the music was made in Pasadena CA and Los Angeles CA at California State University of Los Angeles. Hear the music on the The…