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The “L” (Burgundy) Line from Santa Clarita to Anaheim, my dream line.

MY DREAM LINE, the “L” (Burgundy) Line, seventy miles of LRT awesomeness.

This is only my ideal line. Also discussed A Line and E Line connectivity through Downtown Los Angeles. Leave your comments below. Like and subscribe.

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Santa Clarita
San Fernando/Sylmar
Los Angeles
South Gate
Buena Park

I want to make sure we can future proof this section, the Long Beach Ave. section. When building the south side of Slauson, I would like to see a junction built here. The “C Line” at Aviation/I-105 Station is a classic example of how Metro was thinking ahead for the “K Line” junction here. Here is the idea.

The “A Line” will be left alone for now. But on the south side of Slauson, add a junction that will allow for the A Line to connect with it in the future.

At Vernon/Long Beach Ave., I know you will not build a station for WSAB line. But there should be a way to allow a station to be built here. Spread the tracks out for future possibilities for this to happen.

At Washington and Long Beach Ave., allow room for a station to be built above grade. Add a junction, above grade, which will allow trains to go west on Washington Blvd.

In the future, when funds are available, the segment of the A Line between Washington Station and Slauson can be shut down.
Re-direct the incline of the A Line to connect to Slauson Station above grade onto the right of way of the WSAB line.
The station access below from the streets can be improved in the future and look nice like how Rosa Parks station looks.

Remove all at-grade sections of the Blue Line, adding a bike trail and green space next to the freight line.

At Vernon, where the A Line station is currently, remove it. Add a passenger walkway providing access to the WSAB Line and A Line above grade.

At Washington, same as Vernon.

On Washington Blvd, the A Line will lower to at-grade.

I wish to know WHY you want to separate this in the first place. By adding these junctions at the south end and north end of Long Beach Ave., and allowing space for stations at Vernon and Washington, this will allow the A Line and WSAB Line to share tracks without having to reverse what is done in the future.

Actually, let’s talk about Washington Blvd. This is the bottleneck of the A Line. Before it goes north on Flower St., why not make all of it above grade. Right before it goes to college there, it goes to at-grade. This will improve the service of the Blue Line on Washington Blvd and relieve the confusion and traffic below on Washington Blvd.

I see no plans for Little Tokyo Station. There should be a tunnel connection at Little Tokyo Station so that the E Line, A Line, and WSAB Line can connect on the same platform, same station. Just south of Little Tokyo Station, have the train go east a little and then connect with the tunnels here before the crossover tracks. At the north terminus, near Metro Division 21 area, provide a siding for WSAB so it can layover here without passengers. The last station of WSAB can be Chinatown Station.

I believe my suggestions will future proof these lines. Please consider this part and allow the temporary junctions at Slauson, temporary junctions at Washington, and somehow connect it to the same platforms of A Line and E Line at Little Tokyo Station.

Improve the Flower St. and Washington Blvd. street runs. This is the bottleneck area for local traffic and trains. Using the ideas above, the Washington Blvd area on the east side should be aerial. Somewhere near San Pedro Station, it goes to at-grade to connect with the current station. After San Pedro, it goes below grade. The E Line should remain below grade from USC station all the way up. On the south end of Flower St, it is in a trench but keep it there all the way through. Under Washington and Flower St, keep it underground which will then connect at the tunnels just before 7th/Metro Station.

The current street runs in Long Beach is good. Let’s fix the Washington Blvd and Flower St part of the lines. This will improve the current A Line and E Line travel and would be a great complement to the new WSAB Lines.

Eventually, as part of the OLD 1990 plans for Metro, I can see the WSAB Line going to Glendale, Burbank, Bob Hope Airport, and terminate at San Fernando/Sylmar Metrolink stop following the corridor that goes to Palmdale. This will provide more access than the Metrolink can provide along this corridor. And this will provide access to the East San Fernando Line (Van Nuys line) as well. Another future extension is Santa Clarita since it is part of Los Angeles County. Metrolink, at this point, can take it from here. Really, Metrolink would be able to remove a few stops along the way so it can travel faster. Improvements along this corridor for both the (hopefully to be built) Metro and current Metrolink tracks can up the speed of these trains. Metrolink can travel at 110 MPH. Imagine if Metrolink only had to travel between Union Station and Sylmar station. Let Metro do all the in-between.

I hopeful timeline.
2027: WSAB built only between Slauson Station and Artesia/Cerritos.
2028: Shut down Flower St., Washington Blvd, and Long Beach Ave of “A Line” for underground and aerial construction. Shuttle bus provided. People will hate this, but the future proof will be awesome.
2030: Connect the aerial section of the A Line to the Long Beach Ave. aerial sections of WSAB.
2032: Open the A Line and E Line on Flower St. and Washington Blvd improvements, along with WSAB on Long Beach Ave.
2040: Open the underground sections on Alameda along with connectivity with Little Tokyo Station. Open the WSAB Line to go to Chinatown Station and utilize the siding at Metro Division 21.
2040: Begin construction of the Sylmar/Burbank/Glendale line.
2046: Open the Sylmar Line. People will be able to travel from Cerritos to Los Angeles to Glendale to Burbank to Sylmar/San Fernando. Remove Metrolink stops.
2054: Santa Clarita part opens.
2072: I will be one hundred years old. Extend the line into Orange Country eventually connecting to the OC Streetcar Line. It will be extended further north-west as well. OCTA will have to PAY for this part, of course. Or, the OC Streetcar can extend all the way to Cerritos and have a connection with the WSAB Line.

Call the WSAB Line, the “S LINE”. Color designation, Burgundy. Why not?

Also see the “NEW C Line”.