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My view of current tides – Antonio TwizShiz Edward

Antonio TwizShiz Edward

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My view of current tides

This was posted on Facebook on December 28, 2018 at 12:15 PM.

I will lose a lot of my 1,272 friends after posting this. That is okay because I’ve kept quiet over the years and now it is time for me to speak. It is time for me to speak my mind instead of me being a coward and not defending myself or speaking up. Every time I turn on the news now, first I laugh then I cry. We are losing this country, and this has to stop now. Essay begins now.

No, I do not want the wall because it is too expensive. Great music has been made by talented artist about a wall. Something about a teacher leaving kids alone. I bought a piece of the wall in Germany when I was in Berlin. Interesting history there.

We need that money in so many other places. Most of the crimes in the United States are locally committed by its citizens. Most gun violence is done by its citizens. I do not feel like my job is threatened.

The jobs I had require me to have education, military experience, good credit, experience, no criminal history, good driving record, and citizenship. I am not threatened by people coming over her illegally. Are we going to put a border around Florida? Because those borders are not safe either if you want to compare.

We are all immigrants. We all need to be kicked off this country. Give it back to the people who were here first. This land was not discovered by anyone but the people who were already here. If you want to keep people out, we must go back a few hundred years and remember where we all came from. In fact, let’s go back thousands of years and remember where we all came from. Human beings are immigrants by nature. What stopped us from migrating so much is farming, civilization, and centralized organization, what we know now as societies.

I love the United States and for what it stands. The wall goes against everything this country stands for. I served in the Army under G.W. Bush and did some time in Iraq proudly. I may not agree with Bush’s, Reagan, or McCain policies, but I do respect them because they were honorable people. I would have loved to shake the above-mentioned people’s hands.

I respect war veterans and love all people. I love all people who need refuge as well. Let’s bring the South Africans (British) over because they are no longer wanted there. I know we can’t take everyone, this country is huge but not that huge.

This country was founded on the principal of accepting all who needed refuge. Some people came here illegally long ago and had children on this beloved land. Natural born citizens have the right to that citizenship. I also believe in the right to bear arms, although we do need to be stricter on gun control. Should we change our Constitution and all the laws of the Founding Fathers of Article II?

What we need is higher paid police officers and law enforcement.

What we need is better border patrol on all sides.

What we need is the best public educational system to be available to all.

What we need is to make sure that all people who need healthcare that is affordable and covers pre-existing conditions.

What we need is better public transportation in mid-to-larger cities.

What we need are bridges refurbished and freeway technology updated.

What we need is to convert to electric cars instead of depending on fossil fuels sold to us by other countries.

What we need is higher speed Internet to almost every home in the country.

What we need is reform in power, social security, welfare, food stamps, criminal justice, immigration, and policing.

What we need is a stronger military to maintain our power over the world.

We need to maintain the first world power before China or Russia over-powers us. If we do not do the above, we will fail, and this country will go down. It will be a “The Man in the High Castle” situation in the United States if we do not stop all this foolishness that is going on in DC.

I love this country, we cannot fail her. Stop tweeting, golfing too much, stop wasting tax payer money, and let’s get our federal employees back to work. Stop blaming the media for trashing you. Previous Presidents had to endure media slashing and comedy shows. Stop using Twitter to go against the people of the states who disagree with you. You keep saying, “the people want the wall.” Well, I am a person thus making me the people of this land, I am a voter. “I do not want the wall.” There are people that do want the wall. The Congress is made up of people who represent us as a district and state. You are not going to get your way every single time.

The President does not have all the power. You are no different than those who have no background in politics. You need to learn how to listen to the people and not cowardly walk away from the podium when people disagree with you. You need to stand in the rain, snow, sleet, or heat when you are respecting the soldiers who gave it all, literally. You need to stop being such a cry baby because it is not cute.

This is a country, not a business. There are some aspects of business in politics, but it is managed differently than for profit businesses. Please do not run this country into the ground like you did your airline, vodka, steak, and hundreds of other businesses. The country does not have a father to back us up when we fail like you did. If you fail, we all fail and suffer. So, stop it!

Let’s start thinking of the people instead of yourself. ‘We the people’ deserve better and you are not giving it. Stop being a bully and coward; let’s get some work done. We can be that country if you step up or step out. Please decide soon before it is too late.

– An essay by @Antonio TwizShiz Edward