Antonio TwizShiz Edward

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06-My First Groove


In the Pasadena, California FEDCO, sometime in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, while my mom shop, I would go to the electronics section and start playing on the electronic keyboards they had on display. They had to keyboards specifically; Casio and Roland. These are not professional keyboards. I would use the built-in drum machines and literally play a live show. While customer’s were shopping around me, some of them would stand around and watch me play. It was my concert. I would live switch the sound effects, change the rhythm and literally perform. Through the years, I remembered how the song went and the beat, recreating it in this piece. This is literally My First Groove. I was probably between 8 and 15 during these times. There was another like Fedco called Gemco.

The First Sequence collection, music made between 1989-1993.